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I'm a little bit crazy, a lot creative, mostly funny, and sometimes just dang tired. I am a re-located Texas Girl who followed the love of her life in his career to the NW Arkansas area. I love doing custom work for you and I dabble in most anything creative: photography, painting, writing, singing, etc. Since 2008, I have been focusing on painting on canvas, but after adopting a little girl the paint spilled over to clothing so you will find that here as well. I also enjoy photography and writing. I founded Bold Acrylic Artists of NWA to meet other talented people in the area -- and did!


DOC bands... new art!

I was honored to be asked to paint a custom design on a beautiful little girls DOC band. After research, I found that this is the new trends in medical braces and bands for kids. I LOVE it!! And if I can help you or a friend, let me know.


What MOST of my art time looks like these days... 
here is my favorite little "art-in-progress" playing with footprinting.
"The Man Pleaser" - 10 x  20" - $65.00
I have been playing more with mixed media collages -- she is one of my first and includes tissue paper from a sewing pattern and words/pics from vintage cookbooks and food ads.


"Sunflowers II" 
DONATED for Central UMC Rogers Women's Ministry Auction